About BTC

Founded in 2001, Building Technology Consultants, PC is a professional consulting firm specializing in the evaluation and repair of building envelope components, structural systems, architectural elements, and historic preservation.


BTC's mission is to provide each of our clients with expert evaluation of building performance problems and to design and implement cost-effective solutions to achieve client objectives.

Business Philosophy and Technical Approach

Business Philosophy

Supporting and guiding our mission is our business philosophy in which we strive to...

  • Deliver Beyond Expectations
    Provide more than what our clients expect for service and results.
  • Deliver Consistent Perfection
    Provide our clients with a superior project and deliverable every time.
  • Deliver Technical Leadership
    Provide our clients with a high level of expertise and innovation.

Technical Approach

Additionally, but no less important, is our technical approach where we work to...

  • Understand The Problem Correctly
    The development of the right solution to a building problem starts with the correct diagnosis of its root cause(s).
  • Solve the Problem Correctly
    A conventional repair may not necessarily be the best solution, and the best solution may not necessarily be the most expensive repair. We are committed to delivering exactly the solution needed.
  • Repair the Problem Correctly
    The best repair is the one that meets the owner's objectives while maintaining prudent engineering and construction practices, minimizes impacts to occupants, visitors, and contents, and incorporates innovative solutions, when needed.

Together; our mission, business philosophy, and technical approach not only provide direction for what we do every day, they represent who we are as an organization, how we operate our business, and the way in which we work with our valued clients. It is who we are and who we want to be and together, they provide the framework for every action and decision we make.